SUMMER 2011, NYC -- 35MM

Over the summer, I ran through rolls and rolls of film...
As summer left and fall reigned upon us, those rolls of film were tossed to the side.
I procrastinated on the developing process, but finally decided to get on with it.
Last week, I dropped off two of the rolls and was able to retrieve them yesterday.
Not only am I slightly impressed with myself,
I'm also amazed at how while you're living in these moments,
you don't realize how valuable they are.
Many of the loved ones of mine that you see in these photos, like myself,
complained throughout the summer that it just "wasn't good enough";
we felt it wasn't meeting our expectations...
Now given the opportunity to reflect,
what we thought was boring, we now recognize as beautiful...

Please enjoy my summer of 2011 recap through film and expect more to come.
...Hopefully before 2012 arrives,
since I think these reflections are a wonderful way to bring in a new year.

No pork, Brooklyn.
White Noise.
My beauties.
Liquor shopping.
On our way to the Big Bang 2.
The night I sat on the sidewalk and ate a slice of pizza.
Arrow Bar.
Coney Island.

Tammany Hall.
Late nights turn into early mornings, summer sunrise upon leaving the afterhours.
The Hundreds.
Little Italy, NYC.
Ferrara's, Little Italy.
Florio's, Little Italy.
Beauty Bar.