New Year's Eve.

The Commodore.
Rocky Business at Mercury Lounge, February 1st.

These photographs start with New Year's Eve and end with the first week of February.
Also, I didn't shoot them with my own personal film camera that I normally use;
they were shot with a dinky Kodak disposable.

The will to share my film photos on my blog, or on the internet, in general, is fairly new for me. Mainly because my film photos are a very raw, unedited version of my life. Also, there is a level of exposure, not only for myself, but for my loved ones, that comes with my film - There is no preview to what a photo will look like before I post it. I normally post all of the photos that develop properly from a roll. Most of these, specifically this roll, were shot in a dark party setting, at an undisclosed location and under influences, leaving many in an extremely vulnerable state, including myself. I do not edit any of my film photographs, aside from blocking out the more obvious faces of bystanders to avoid blasting identities and labeling them with GREEDS or my "lucky kitty", to obviously make credit clear.


  1. Great photos! You guys sure know how to have fun!

    P.S You look adorable as always <3

  2. I enjoyed! I love the raw edge of film photography

  3. @ Kimberly Michelle: Thanks, sweets!

    @ Elizabeth: Thank you so much, my love. We try, we try, hah. ;)

    @ Imo: I do, too... Thanks, darlin'.

  4. cool pics... looks like some nerd party...only joking! really cool people!
    Greets from Ireland!
    x Marina